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- Administrator -

Love to dance to the music that´s coming from the soul not from the dynamics. Love to feel against all odds. Love to adore this life in all its manifestations. Love people. Love to cognize their souls.
It´s always warm and cozy in ZigZag because of the guests who share the lights of their hearts with others and give positive emotions to each other.
“The only real luxury is the luxury of human communication”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


- Administrator -

It is said each human has two characteristics: one is attributed to her and the other one a person attributes herself. About myself I can only say one thing: the main thing I get from my job is interesting and open people I meet from all over the world, who fill my life with bright colors.


- Administrator -

 I like learning new things and I'm constantly trying to find something beautiful in every day, and live my life in a positive and creative way. And I, as an administrator of ZigZag Hostel, promise: here you will fell like at home!

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