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- Administrator -

Hey everybody! My name is Victor, and ... well, here I am not going to make a story what might be perfect for some meeting websites or resume, calling that, properly introducing myself.
So without further ado let me just say that I like helping people and instead receiving a smile and hearing this warm ''thank you''.
Making friends with people from all over the places isn't a tough thing to do being The me and speaking English and Spanish as well.
Everyone of us like feeling himself comfy and pleasant. And we, as a ZigZag hostel team are sure that our guests going to have a pleasurable rest.
But this isn't the only reason why you should visit us. There are plenty of them.
We are waiting you to be our guest in our pretty and homely ZigZag. And we'll make sure you'll miss this place with a nostalgic and sad feeling "God! What a good time it was!".


- Administrator -

It is said each human has two characteristics: one is attributed to her and the other one a person attributes herself. About myself I can only say one thing: the main thing I get from my job is interesting and open people I meet from all over the world, who fill my life with bright colors.


- Administrator -

 I like learning new things and I'm constantly trying to find something beautiful in every day, and live my life in a positive and creative way. And I, as an administrator of ZigZag Hostel, promise: here you will fell like at home!

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