• 31.01.2017
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10 things to do in Kiev

1) Find a sculpture of a crocodile on the house with Chimaeras - a small the residence of the President of Ukraine.

2) See the final resting place of Ilya Muromets, Chronicle Nestor and other hundreds of the Saints.

3) Explore the whole city in one hour in the park "Kyiv in miniature".

4) Look for military pilots on the Dnipro downhill, which is often called the monument "Maestro" from the movie "Only Old Men Are Going to Battle".

5) Take a walk on the Bare Mountain, where they like to meet Tolkienists and other mummers.

6) Go to the museum of the Great Patriotic War, and see there a giant pyramid of rusted German Helmets.

7) Drink tea with homemade jam on the terrace in the house of Turbin from the novel "The White Guard".

8) Take a virtual tour of Pripyat and other settlements of the exclusion zone.

9) Get to know more about the history of the old regime in Kiev in the museum of One Street.

10) And most important, do not forget to visit ZigZagHostel:)

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