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Dishes, which will make you return to Kyiv again and again.

If you ever find yourself in Kyiv then you must try these dishes. Only after that you will be able to understand why so many people are ready die for Ukrainian kitchen.

• Borshch: Most people think this is a dish of Russian kitchen. However, this soup was created in Ukraine. The delicious combination of meat, carrots, beets and other vegetables will make you roll your eyes with happiness. Borsch is served with scones (donuts) or rye bread.

• Varenyky "Big delicious dumplings" – the way we explain to tourists in ZigZag hostel what varenyky is. The filling can be different. Starting varenyky with potatoes and mushrooms that would be as a main dish and ending with cherries that would make varenyky part of the dessert.

• Golubtsy: Different people prepare them in different ways. Some cook them small, some large. It is an original analogue of the Armenian "dolma" but in Ukraine they are wrapped in the cabbage leaves with rice mince instead of grape leaves. It is an ideal dish for the winter months. It is served with sour cream.

• Kyiv meatball: If you want a chicken, then nothing can be better than the chicken with butter and garlic, wrapped in the form of meatball. This dish is quite popular both for locals and tourists.

 Pancakes: Ukrainian pancakes are thin, that giving them contrast to American Pancake. You can choose your own toppings that you like. Pancakes even belong to a separate festival "Maslenitsa", during which you can be treated with pancakes with different fillings.

• Kvass is a soft drink which has very low alcohol content. This drink is made from wheat, sugar and apple. The drink was very popular even 500 years ago. It is also called Monk drink. It is ideal for a hot summer day, and even sale on the streets.

• Kiev cake: the cake popular for tourists, as it is possible to buy only in Kiev. You will find nuts, meringue and custard in this cake. If you're worried about calories, then stay away from this dessert. This cake will melt in your mouth. You can buy it at any store, and train stations.

Enjoy your stay in Kiev not only by excursions and also by food :)

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